Smartoptics and First Distribution Partner to Deliver High-Bandwidth Optical Networking Solutions Across Africa

Strategic collaboration aims to distribute compact 400G solutions, enhancing connectivity in Africa with cost-efficient optical networking.

Smartoptics, a prominent provider of optical networking solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with First Distribution, recognized as Africa’s premier value-added distributor specializing in Datacentre, Cloud, Networking, and Security products and services. Under this partnership, First Distribution will distribute Smartoptics’ products throughout the African continent.

As part of the agreement, Smartoptics will manufacture the optical transceivers, which will then be held in local stock in South Africa, ensuring rapid availability across the region. The focus will be on delivering compact and energy-efficient 400G solutions to address the increasing demand for high-bandwidth solutions at a cost-effective rate.

First Distribution, known for delivering complex ICT solutions to Enterprise and SME markets through established resellers, is expanding its portfolio by incorporating Smartoptics products. The collaboration aims to leverage Smartoptics’ innovative optical networking elements, including cost-efficient open line systems, transponders, muxponders, and related solutions.

At First Distribution, we pride ourselves on being able to piece together best-of-breed solutions for each customer and help them upgrade their existing multi-vendor networks. This is why we are excited about the flexibility and interoperability of Smartoptics network elements. With Smartoptics, we see a massive opportunity to bring open line systems to major carriers and ISPs, open up new hyperscaling capabilities, and tap into the bandwidth gains of 400G coherent optics. This will enable greater digital transformation and support entrepreneurship across Africa.

Dave McGeehan, Brand Manager, First Distribution

Given the economic challenges faced by the region, including exchange rate pressure and high energy costs, cost efficiency is a crucial factor in advancing African connectivity. Smartoptics’ solutions are strategically positioned to meet this demand by providing low-cost, high-bandwidth optical networking solutions.

By employing innovative design methods and leveraging the latest technology, we are able to create optical networking solutions with a smaller footprint than industry standards. This reduces the power consumption and rack space required while also optimizing fiber utilization. When combined with plug-and-play setup and automation features, this also greatly reduces the need for upskilling. With First Distribution’s local expertise and stocks, our low-cost, high-bandwidth optical networking solutions are uniquely positioned to enable a boom in African internet services.

Max Naylor, Sales Director UK Ireland & MEA, Smartoptics

With First Distribution’s local expertise and efficient stock management, the partnership is poised to bring about a transformative impact, enabling increased accessibility to high-speed internet services across Africa.

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