Botswana Stock Exchange and Risk Insights Forge Strategic Partnership for ESG Excellence

BSE partners with Risk Insights to advance ESG standards in Botswana using AI-powered platforms for companies’ ratings.

Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), and Risk Insights (RI), have unveiled their strategic partnership. The partnership is meticulously designed to push the boundaries of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards in Botswana. Risk Insights, recognized for its pioneering solutions for ESG in Africa, is set to infuse its expertise into the Botswana market, through the BSE, to elevate the country’s commitment to sustainable business practices.

At the core of this collaboration lies the integration of Risk Insights’ cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-powered platforms – the ESG GPS and A-Cubed. The ESG GPS platform empowers BSE-listed companies with a holistic suite of ESG ratings, disclosure insights and analytics, news, and strategic business intelligence, while A-Cubed extends its impact to provide data and ratings for privately owned unlisted companies that also impact on the local and global supply chain. This transformative collaboration marks a significant leap in delivering timely, actionable data to all stakeholders. Together, BSE and RI are set to enhance the ESG disclosure landscape, ensuring that companies, both listed and unlisted, can seamlessly showcase their ESG credentials on a global stage, facilitating informed decision-making for investors, analysts, and the wider public and increasing access to sustainable capital.

We are honored to embark on this transformative journey with Risk Insights, to provide access to AI-powered platforms that generate ESG ratings, insights and analytics. This is in line with our vision to deliver innovative products and services. Henceforth, we are going to work closely with issuers to appreciate and enhance the extent to which their sustainability disclosures meet international disclosure frameworks, including our own, and how their ESG ratings compare with peers locally and across Africa. In this era where there is increased demand for ESG disclosure and ratings, and encouragement from the Regulator, this partnership comes in handy.

Mr. Thapelo Tsheole, Chief Executive Officer of the BSE, Chairman of Committee of SADC Stock Exchanges (COSSE), and President of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA)

Our collaboration with BSE is a testament to the power of shared vision and commitment. Together, we are not just partners; we are catalysts for positive change. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of ESG excellence, setting new benchmarks for sustainable practices in Botswana and beyond.

Mr. Andrey Bogdanov, Risk Insights Interim Chief Executive Officer

This transformative partnership between BSE and Risk Insights marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of sustainable practices and ESG excellence. The fusion of BSE’s esteemed position and Risk Insights’ cutting-edge technology is poised to empower listed companies with tools to improve the ESG stewardship and business transformation. As these two institutions work together, a dynamic synergy unfolds, not just elevating ESG standards but also contributing to the BSE’s global narrative on sustainability. The partnership is a commitment to drive positive change, ensuring a seamless and just green transition for businesses, stakeholders, and the wider community.

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