Cell C Seeks Regulatory Approval for Transfer of Control Across Key Telecom Licenses

Cell C applies for transfer, aiming to shift control of I-ECS, I-ECNS, and RFS licenses.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (the Authority) has officially acknowledged receipt of applications from Cell C Limited (the Applicant) seeking approval for the transfer of control of its licenses, including Individual Electronic Communications Service (I-ECS), Individual Electronic Communications Network Service (I-ECNS), and Radio Frequency Spectrum (RFS).

The specific details of the application for the transfer of control to the Authority are outlined as follows:

  1. Transfer of control of the I-ECS license number 001/IECS/JAN/2009 to TPC.
  2. Transfer of control of the I-ECNS license number 001/IECNS/JAN/2009 to TPC.
  3. Transfer of control of RFS license number 00-495-213-2 (2100 MHz) and license number 00-476-898-6 (900 & 1800 MHz).

The transfer applications have been initiated to secure approval from the Authority for the transfer of I-ECS and I-ECNS licenses from the current Applicant to the proposed Transferee. The evaluation process will be based on specific criteria:

a) Promotion of competition in the ICT sector. b) Consideration of consumer interests. c) Assessment of equity ownership by Historically Disadvantaged Persons (HDPs).

Notably, the Applicant has asserted that 34.41% of the Transferee’s equity shareholding is held by Historically Disadvantaged Persons, contributing to the broader evaluation of the transfer applications. The Authority will thoroughly review and assess the applications against these outlined criteria.

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