Telcables’ Role in Africa’s Economic Growth: A Vision for Connectivity and Innovation

In an interview with TechAfrica News, Telcable emphasizes low-latency connections, innovative solutions, and digital empowerment for SMMEs.

At Africacom 2023, Telcables’ CEO, Suddhir Juggernath, highlighted the company’s participation in the premier telecommunications event, showcasing global connectivity and innovative cloud solutions aimed at easing market entry for SMMEs. Juggernath emphasized on the advantages of being part of the Angola Cables International Network, providing low-latency connections and rich content for enhanced local market access.

Digital hubs are ever growing on the African continent. Through our reseller and partner ISPs, we enable them with good content to access it on a faster base, quicker base. It’s it empowers the digital hubs to get access to good content quicker. We don’t do it directly, we do it through our partners. As our partner model expands, we basically empower them with global connectivity and global content.

Suddhir Juggernath, CEO, Telcables South Africa

Telcables’ commitment to digital empowerment is evident through scalable, digitally enabled solutions like Shield to Africa, a secure IP transit network protecting against attacks. Juggernath discusses the company’s indirect approach to contribute to Africa’s economic growth by empowering digital hubs through resellers and partner ISPs. He identifies the challenges of connecting rural areas, citing regulatory hurdles as a key obstacle that, if addressed, could significantly improve connectivity across the continent. Telcables’ strategic focus lies in aligning with regulatory frameworks to overcome barriers and foster digital connectivity in underserved regions.

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