From Concept to Reality: AXIROS’s Evolving Technologies Transforming Telecom Landscape

In a recent interview with TechAfrica News, AXIROS’s CEO, Kurt Peterhans, shed light on the company’s participation in Africacom 2023, emphasizing the showcase of key technologies and solutions. The discussion delved into Peterhans’ perspective on the new Broadband Forum standard, User Services Platform (USP), exploring its potential use cases and aligning them with AXIROS’s product offerings.

Insights were shared regarding the reception of AXIROS’s offerings in the market, along with a glimpse into the evolving possibilities of their technologies. Peterhans also provided clarity on the production status of these technologies and addressed the decision to open AXIROS’s data lake, elucidating its relevance in processing data from millions of devices in the telecommunications landscape. The interview offered a comprehensive overview of AXIROS’s strategic focus and technological advancements in the evolving telecommunications domain.

The landscape of telecommunications device management is evolving, driven by new requirements. Among the pivotal IC3 use cases, the foremost involves intensive data capturing and analytics – a crucial aspect. Secondly, our customers seek solutions tailored for field engineers and support, encompassing self-service portals and field engineer apps. Thirdly, our focus is on efficiently handling real-time data from millions of devices in the field, demonstrating our prowess in management and processing of this vast dataset.

Kurt Peterhans, CEO, Axiros

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