Navigating AfricaCom 2023 – Unveiling the Future of African Tech

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As we wait for the doors of AfricaCom to open tomorrow, TechAfrica News is gearing up to provide on-site coverage of this premier event. As an official media partner, TechAfrica News is committed to bringing its audience the latest and most insightful industry news emerging from AfricaCom.

In a dynamic landscape, it’s noteworthy that global technology events like Gitex and MWC now have dedicated Africa editions, adding to the competitive landscape. However, AfricaCom continues to stand tall as the largest industry event in Africa. It will be interesting to observe how the event maintains its prominence amidst the growing pressure and whether new contenders can challenge its stature in the coming years. AfricaCom remains unparalleled in its scope, bringing together telecoms, infrastructure, and policy experts to position Africa as a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The event serves as a unifying platform for industry players to discuss, collaborate, and shape the continent’s digital future.

“TechAfrica News was born out of a passion for showcasing the transformative power of technology in Africa. As we embark on covering AfricaCom, our aim is not just to report news but to capture the pulse of innovation and progress that defines the tech landscape in Africa.”

Akim Benamara, Founder, TechAfrica News 

Exploring Themes of AfricaCom 2023

This year’s AfricaCom edition is set to delve into crucial topics that define the current technological landscape on the continent. The key themes include:

Uniting telecoms, infrastructure, and policy to position Africa as a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The focus is on collaboration and synergy to drive the continent forward in the digital era.

Connecting Africa’s Next Billion:
Addressing the challenges and opportunities in Africa’s connectivity ecosystem, with the aim of delivering affordable, reliable, and sustainable Internet access to all. This theme underscores the importance of inclusivity in the digital revolution.

Digital Infrastructure Investment:
Positioning infrastructure investment as the cornerstone of Africa’s digital transformation journey. The discussions will revolve around how strategic investments can pave the way for sustainable development in the digital space.

Telcos of Tomorrow:
Exploring the latest strategies, innovations, and technology trends shaping the digital transformation journey of the continent. This theme will highlight the role of telecommunications companies in driving Africa’s technological evolution.

Sustainability & Climate Resilience:
Placing sustainability at the core of Africa’s digital economies to drive enduring socioeconomic growth. The discussions will emphasize the need for environmentally conscious practices and resilient solutions in the tech industry.

Broadcast, Media, and Entertainment:
Examining how Africa’s creative industry is undergoing a digital revolution. This theme showcases the intersection of technology and creativity, exploring innovations in broadcasting, media, and entertainment that are reshaping the African landscape.

“In the ever-evolving tech ecosystem of Africa, our role at TechAfrica News is to curate stories that go beyond the surface, delving into the heart of technological advancements. AfricaCom provides an invaluable opportunity to not just report news but to dissect and analyze the trends shaping the future of technology on the continent.”

Chris Green, Chief Editor, TechAfrica News 

As TechAfrica News immerses itself in the heart of AfricaCom, readers can expect comprehensive coverage and insights into these pivotal themes, providing a front-row seat to the transformative discussions shaping the future of technology in Africa.


Keynote Panel: Unleashing Digital Prosperity: How Progressive Policy is Shaping Africa’s Tech Transformation
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 9:50 AM to 10:35 AM 

The importance of ICT policy and regulation in nurturing tech-enabled enterprise and digitally literate societies is now widely appreciated; the process of developing and implementing this policy across myriad industries and sectors is, however, an inherently complex and lengthy process.

There are some key factors critical to building efficient, industry focussed tech policy frameworks which have practically demonstrated time and time again – industry consultation, sector-specific legislation, and flexibility to evolve with their rapidly changing sectors are all vital considerations for any tech policymaker.

This session will unpack those with African Ministers from across the continent. We’ll also look at how each is tailoring policy to their unique national environment and priorities, the need for a more continental, collaborative approach, and why sharing successes and challenges is so important along the way.

  • Continental collaboration: strategies for promoting stronger, more productive inter- and intra-governmental relations across Africa’s legislative levels
  • Key industries: impact of policy on topics inherent to thriving digital economies – internet universality, SME enablement, fintech & interoperability, e-commerce, quality education, and other important enablers of gender equality and socio-economic development


Lavina Ramkissoon, Advisor, African Union
H.E Minister Mondli Gungubele, Minister, Department of Communications & Digital Technologies, Republic of South Africa
H.E. Minister Thulango Merafe Segokgo, Minister, Ministry of Communications, Knowledge and Technology, Republic of Botswana
H.E. Minister Amara Kallon, Minister, Ministry of Public Administration and Political Affairs, The Republic of Sierra Leone
H.E. Minister Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, Minister, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy, Republic of Guinea
Nitesh Singh, Managing Director for Communications, Media & Technology (CMT), Accenture Africa

Panel Discussion: Lift as you Rise: The Development and Success of Future Leaders
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 11:25 AM

Learn how you can contribute to the development and success of future leaders, inspire, and equip women in leadership roles with the tools and insights needed to make a meaningful impact.


Khayakazi Zweni, QA Engineer, Digilink
Fran Swart, Strategic Partnerships, The Collective X
Fran Swart, Partnerships, The Collective X
Charmaine Houvet, Senior Director: Africa, Cisco
Tracey Swart, Digital Portfolio Executive, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

Keynote Fireside: Game-Changing Satellite Innovations for DTH & Terrestrial TV Broadcasters and Monetizing Content with Targeted Ads
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 12:00

The panel session focuses on a groundbreaking approach to satellite transmission, specifically targeting both terrestrial TV transmitters (DTT) and satellite home users (DTH) with remarkable efficiency gains. By employing a single satellite transmission, the technology achieves over 95% savings for each DTT stream, addressing various regions in terrestrial TV networks. The system enables dynamic broadcasting, optimizing Mbps delivery by adapting to changing weather conditions and achieving a significant gain of over 50%.

Dusan Statelov, CEO. MAINDATA
Chris Green, Chief Editor, Tech Africa News

Bandwidth and Cloud Services Group (BCS)

BCS is a leading provider of comprehensive bandwidth and cloud services tailored for businesses in Africa. Their expertise lies in delivering reliable and scalable connectivity solutions, enabling enterprises to harness the power of the cloud for seamless operations and improved efficiency.

Website: BCS Group
LinkedIn: BCS Group LinkedIn


EKT specializes in providing state-of-the-art digital solutions, particularly in the realm of digital TV technology. With a focus on set-top boxes and end-to-end solutions for digital TV operators, EKT plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital entertainment across Africa.

Website: Eagle Kingdom Technologies
LinkedIn: EKT LinkedIn

ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect is a leading provider of satellite-based communication solutions, delivering advanced technology to empower seamless connectivity across the globe. Specializing in satellite ground infrastructure, iDirect’s innovative solutions play a pivotal role in enabling secure and reliable communication for a wide range of applications, including enterprise, military, and government sectors. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of satellite communications, ST Engineering iDirect is at the forefront of shaping the future of connectivity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Website: ST Engineering iDirect
LinkedIn: ST Engineering iDirect LinkedIn


Ciena is a prominent networking solutions provider, offering cutting-edge technologies for high-bandwidth services. Specializing in optical networking and software innovation, Ciena empowers businesses and service providers in Africa to adapt to the demands of a hyper-connected world, ensuring robust and scalable communication networks.

Website: Ciena
LinkedIn: Ciena LinkedIn

Wingu Africa

Wingu Africa stands out as a dynamic cloud service provider catering specifically to the needs of businesses in Africa. With a specialization in cloud infrastructure and data services, Wingu Africa facilitates digital transformation for organizations, providing the necessary tools for scalability and efficiency in the African business landscape.

Website: Wingu Africa
LinkedIn: Wingu Africa LinkedIn


PROTEI aims to provide telecom operators with reliable and proven core network components, offering them a seamless path for network modernization and upgrades, while preparing their networks for the next generation of advanced 5G networks. As an alternative vendor, PROTEI brings a breath of fresh air to the industry, fostering healthy competition that is essential for operators in emerging markets. Furthermore, there is a growing demand for core components in the market for constructing private LTE/5G networks to support industry automation.

Website: Protei
LinkedIn: Protei LinkedIn


London Internet Exchange (LINX) is a prominent global interconnection hub, facilitating the exchange of internet traffic between networks. As one of the largest and most-respected Internet Exchange Points (IXP) in the world, LINX plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and resilience of internet connectivity. With a commitment to fostering collaboration and driving advancements in network services, LINX contributes significantly to the development of a robust and interconnected digital ecosystem.

Website: LINX
LinkedIn: LINX LinkedIn

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