Angola Cables, TelCables, and TouchNet Collaborate to Transform Cloud Connectivity in Southern Africa

Networking initiative aims to enhance B2B and cloud services, offering increased bandwidth and improved reliability.

A combined networking initiative between Angola Cables local subsidiary, TelCables South Africa and business-to-business ISP, TouchNet is set to advance and transform cloud connectivity for SMMEs, MSPs and enterprise businesses across southern Africa.

This collaboration has been established to provide flexible and efficient digital cloud-computing solutions for corporates, SMME’s and enterprises seeking to expand their digital infrastructure networks, quickly and securely using the Angola Cables global network.

By leveraging the best of our backbone network infrastructure and the experience and resources of Touchnet we can offer business customers enhanced B2B and cloud services, including increased bandwidth, improved network reliability, reduced latency – all of which are key to accelerating economic opportunities for small to medium businesses in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Sudhir Juggernath, CEO, TelCables Southern and East Africa

The collaboration offers an excellent platform to share resources and promote seamless and effective cloud connectivity and tailored enterprise solutions for businesses not just in South Africa but also neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique.

We understand the needs and requirements when it comes to internet and cloud services for businesses – especially those looking to access other markets and networks in Africa.

Charly Bahous, CEO, Touchnet

A further aim of the collaboration is to provide ‘fit for market’ solutions that gives businesses access to cross-border and international networks that are compliant with regulations and data protection laws of countries within the Southern African region.

As the most connected network operator in Africa, this collaboration aligns perfectly with the intent by Angola Cables and TelCables to deliver seamless enterprise solutions. With the support of Touchnet’s cutting-edge technology solutions, we can guarantee companies a range of secure connectivity services across multiple regions tailored to their specific needs and requirements, unlocking new possibilities for businesses and MSPs.

Sudhir Juggernath, CEO, TelCables Southern and East Africa

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