ICASA Workshop Focuses on Certification Scheme for Telecommunications Equipment

The workshop aims to provide industry players with insights into ICASA’s Certification Scheme for compliance.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa invites interested stakeholders and media representatives to attend its upcoming Type Approval workshop focused on the ICASA Designated Certification Body Programme, also known as the “ICASA Certification Scheme”.

The workshop intends to provide industry players and stakeholders with valuable insights into the ICASA Certification Scheme and its integral role in the new Conformity Assessment Framework for Equipment Authorisation (CAFEA). Participants will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scheme’s goals and objectives, its processes and procedures, and how it will ensure compliance with the Equipment Authorisation Regulations, 2022.

Duly designated certification bodies will assist the Authority with the certification application process as provided for in regulation 8 of the Regulations.

This workshop is part of ICASA’s ongoing efforts and commitment to ensure that telecommunications equipment adheres to the highest standards of compliance. The workshop will provide a unique platform for industry stakeholders to interact with regulatory experts, ask questions, and gain insights that are crucial for their operations.

ICASA looks forward to the stakeholders’ participation in this essential workshop, as together we strive to elevate telecommunications equipment compliance to align with emerging international best practices for the benefit of all industry stakeholders and consumers.

Cllr Sithole, Committee Chairperson

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