Datamount to Establish New Data Centre in Oman’s Muscat Governorate

Datamount plans Al Bandar Centre, third data facility in Oman’s Muscat, prioritizing standards and security.

Omani data centre provider Datamount has unveiled its plans to launch a new data centre in the Muscat Governorate. Named the Al Bandar Centre, it will mark Datamount’s third facility, following its existing centres in Muscar and the Al Jabal al Akhdhar mountain range.

The construction of Al Bandar Centre will be executed in three phases. The centre is designed to accommodate 700 racks, meticulously adhering to the required specifications and standards for Uptime Tier III and TIA 942 Rated 3 levels.

To ensure optimal operations, cooling solutions specialist Tabreed Oman will establish connections for electricity and chilled water lines at the centre.

CEO Abdulmonem al Futaisi highlighted Datamount’s expertise and capability to manage the project at the highest professional level. The establishment of Al Bandar Centre aims to offer customers seamless integration into digital solutions, streamline business operations, and provide protection against potential cyber threats, all at competitive prices.

As the demand for data centres continues to rise, Datamount’s strategic expansion underscores the company’s commitment to supporting Oman’s digital infrastructure growth while adhering to industry-leading standards for reliability and security.

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