TrustPid: European Telecom Giants Collaborate on Privacy-Focused Ad System Inspired by African Innovation

Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom team up for TrustPid, a privacy-centric mobile number-based advertising system.

Four leading European telecom companies have embarked on a significant partnership to develop an innovative advertising ID system called TrustPid. This system aims to address the evolving digital landscape by introducing a privacy-focused identification solution that utilizes mobile numbers as distinct identifiers. The primary goal of this initiative is to bolster digital marketing efforts for publishers and brands, particularly in light of the impending obsolescence of third-party cookies.

The genesis of this collaboration can be traced back to 2015 when Terragon, a prominent Data and Marketing Technology company in Africa, introduced a mobile advertising solution known as ‘Adrenaline’ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This solution, which also utilized mobile phone numbers as unique identifiers, laid the foundation for the TrustPid concept.

Adrenaline operates as a two-fold platform, granting advertisers access to engage mobile subscribers through offline Telco-native channels and online ad exchanges. This framework enables telecom companies to monetize their data assets by offering privacy-compliant access to segmented subscribers, while simultaneously providing businesses with effective means to reach their intended audiences. Adrenaline’s privacy-focused approach ensures the secure processing of data for telco data monetization, precise publisher reach, and advertiser measurement via AI-driven analytics.

TrustPid, designed as a cross-operator platform, emerged from the ambition to facilitate privacy-compliant personalized advertising in the absence of cookies. The collaboration is driven by the desire to diversify revenue streams for four prominent European telecom giants—Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom.

Elo Umeh, CEO and Co-founder of Terragon, underscored the forward-thinking nature of Adrenaline’s introduction in 2015, emphasizing its status as a ‘global first’ and a testament to the potential for innovation from Africa. The impending launch of TrustPid and the anticipated decline of third-party cookies reaffirm the significance of this foresight, as the advertising industry grapples with the imminent changes.

Both TrustPid and Adrenaline share a common approach, leveraging telco networks to access consumer data. Adrenaline, by tapping into telco data, equips advertisers with real-time insights for targeted advertising campaigns. This reservoir of telco data offers insights into customer behavior, demographics, location, interests, and more, enabling businesses to optimize their strategies and enhance customer experiences.

In Africa, where mobile usage is on the rise—with over 50% penetration and consumers spending over 4 hours daily on mobile devices—the significance of identifying customers through mobile numbers becomes apparent. Terragon’s CTO emphasizes that mobile phone numbers serve as fundamental links between individuals and their devices, facilitating personalized engagements and experiences.

Data privacy remains a central concern for Terragon. Ayodeji Balogun, CTO and Co-founder, assures that data is fully encrypted and anonymized to adhere to global and regional data privacy regulations.

As a prominent data and marketing technology player in Africa, Terragon’s ecosystem boasts global tech giants, telco partnerships, and a diverse range of businesses. The collaboration on TrustPid and the legacy of Adrenaline mark a pivotal step towards a privacy-centric and effective advertising landscape in the digital domain.

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