Backbase and Valleysoft Partner to Transform Digital Banking Experience in MEA Region

Global leader Backbase teams up with Valleysoft to reshape Middle East and Africa’s digital banking, delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

Backbase, the global leader in Engagement Banking announced its strategic partnership with Valleysoft, a premier business and IT consulting provider with a strong presence across the Middle East and Africa. This collaboration aims to enable banks in the region to fully immerse in Engagement Banking, providing intuitive, instant banking services that far exceed customer expectations.

The number of Middle Eastern digital banks has grown from 1 in 2012 to 25 in 2021 according to Fincog, while Statista puts the number of Sub-Saharan African digital banks at 21. This increasing competition, combined with increasing expectations for millions of customers across the region, is driving incumbents to strengthen their digital banking offerings.

In a banking world where customer experience is paramount, Valleysoft’s recognition of the need for accessible banking services, available anytime and anywhere, is instrumental. Backbase, globally recognized for its customer-centric Engagement Banking Platform, pairs perfectly with Valleysoft to meet this demand. The partnership is set to reshape the digital banking ecosystem in the region, with a focus on transforming financial services and guaranteeing unparalleled customer experiences.

Valleysoft, a trusted pillar in the IT services sector, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in resolving complex business and technical challenges. As part of this collaboration, regional customers of Backbase will benefit from the expertise of Valleysoft’s highly skilled consultants. These experts will address pivotal issues and ensure seamless implementation of Backbase’s products, while strictly adhering to industry best practices.

This collaboration aims to reshape the definition of customer-centricity in the digital banking realm, initiating groundbreaking progress in the region and setting new industry benchmarks. With our combined proficiencies, we are confident this partnership will set a transformative course, bringing substantial benefits to both the banks and their customers.

Together with Valleysoft, we will leverage our award-winning Engagement Banking Platform to provide immediate and frictionless banking services tailored to the specific needs of the region. This alliance will guarantee customer experiences that surpass expectations and set unprecedented industry standards.

Aymen Daoud, Regional Head of Sales, Backbase

Our profound understanding of the regional business and IT landscape, paired with Backbase’s unrivaled engagement banking platform, will redefine customer-centricity in the digital banking arena. Valleysoft’s seasoned consultants will bring their exhaustive knowledge and substantial experience to the table, assisting in the implementation of Backbase solutions, mitigating key issues, and ensuring compliance with industry best practices.

Amin Elgendy, CEO, Valleysoft

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