Vodafone Cash Introduces Easy ECG Payment via a Short Code in Ghana

Vodafone Cash introduces simplified ECG bill payments through *110# USSD menu, enhancing customer convenience.

Vodafone Cash, a division of Financial Services Limited, has unveiled a streamlined method for prepaid customers to settle their ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) bills using the *110# short code. Commencing on August 17, 2023, customers with smart meters can efficiently purchase prepaid electricity via the user-friendly *110# USSD menu.

For enhanced convenience, customers can register up to two meters, opt for their preferred meter, input the desired amount, and confirm the transaction using a secure PIN.

While the service presently operates exclusively through *110#, Vodafone Ghana has ambitious plans to extend this payment functionality to their MyVodafoneApp (MVA), providing users with multiple platforms for electricity bill settlements.

Philip Amoateng, Director for Vodafone Cash, emphasized the commitment to utilizing technology to enhance everyday transactions for customers. He expressed enthusiasm about providing this convenient avenue to all Vodafone Cash users.

As Vodafone Cash innovatively integrates technology into essential services, Ghanaian consumers can expect increasingly efficient and user-friendly experiences in their financial transactions.

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