WIOCC Quickly Restores Connectivity Using Equiano Cable Amid Subsea Cable Outages

African network provider WIOCC rapidly shifts clients to Equiano cable after subsea cable disruptions, aiding industry.

Leading African carrier-scale network infrastructure provider WIOCC has confirmed putting in place restoration services on the Equiano cable for its major ISP and IP Transit provider clients affected by the ongoing west coast subsea cable outages.

Due to a probable rock fall in the Congo Canyon, the WACS, SAT-3 and ACE subsea cables have been damaged, disrupting the services of many Southern African connectivity providers.

When the damage occurred, WIOCC was able to seamlessly transition its clients’ traffic onto its full fibre pair on the Equiano cable in a matter of hours.

WIOCC has helped many other major players in the industry – who were not its clients previously – restore their connectivity services at short notice.

This was possible thanks to its sizeable investment into its high-capacity, redundant IP backbone, which ensures it is capable of handling any unexpected events.

As a strategic investor in the major subsea cables serving Africa, we always carry extra capacity for these scenarios.

We pride ourselves on having been able to move ISPs and IP Transit companies onto Equiano within a single day.

Darren Bedford, Chief Business Development Officer, WIOCC Group

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