Multichoice Ends DStv Service in Malawi Due to Regulatory Price Dispute

Multichoice discontinues DStv in Malawi due to regulatory dispute over price adjustments, citing adverse business conditions.

Pan-African broadcaster Multichoice has announced the discontinuation of its DStv satellite television service in Malawi. The move comes after the Malawian regulatory body, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), obtained an interim injunction from the country’s High Court to prevent Multichoice Malawi from altering DStv tariffs. The high court later ordered Multichoice to comply with the injunction, prompting the broadcaster to terminate its DStv service in the country.

The regulatory decision was based on the argument that Multichoice, as an intermediary, could not directly set or adjust tariffs for the DStv service offered to the public. The court’s ruling created a challenging business environment for Multichoice, and the potential consequences, including staff imprisonment, compelled the company to exit the Malawi market.

Multichoice expressed its regret at the decision but noted that it had no other viable option due to the adverse regulatory climate and the significant impact on its operations in Malawi.

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