South African IT Leaders Anticipate Impact of Generative AI: Salesforce Report

South African IT leaders foresee significant impact from generative AI, per Salesforce’s latest report.

Salesforce’s State of IT report reveals South African IT leaders expect generative AI to have a significant impact on their organizations, surpassing other emerging technologies. The report, based on a survey of over 4,000 IT leaders worldwide, sheds light on trends shaping the business and IT landscape.

The key finding shows that 83% of South Africa’s IT leaders believe the role of AI in their organizations is already well-defined, and 87% expect generative AI to play a prominent role in the near future. However, there is cautiousness as 74% of IT leaders express concerns about the ethics of generative AI.

The report highlights the challenges IT organizations face in keeping up with the demands of ongoing digital transformation projects. About 67% of South African IT organizations struggle to meet the business’s demands, and 78% anticipate increased demand in the next 18 months. In response, 88% of IT leaders are focusing on driving operational efficiencies.

To address capacity constraints, 69% of IT organizations have adopted low-code or no-code tools for scaling app development requests. Additionally, 57% use composability to enhance efficiency.

The report emphasizes that IT leaders adopt various security measures as threats persist. Balancing business and security objectives remains a challenge for 75% of IT leaders in South Africa, leading them to implement a range of defense measures. For instance, 59% use data encryption, and 50% employ multi-factor authentication.

The growing influence of generative AI in South Africa and its potential to transform various industries aligns with the increasing adoption of the technology by companies such as Deloitte, which launched a generative AI practice for the African market. As generative AI gains momentum, organizations will continue to navigate its ethical implications while striving to meet business demands through technological innovation and enhanced security measures.

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