Africa’s inq. Accelerates AI Drive with New Centre of Excellence in Zambia

inq. announces AI Centre of Excellence in Zambia, showcasing GPT models and VideoAI solutions.

Edge solutions provider inq. is set to accelerate its AI initiatives by establishing a Centre of Excellence in Zambia, aimed at developing innovative solutions for Africa. The company recently unveiled its AI plans, which include launching centers of excellence across various markets to enhance in-house innovation. In addition to Zambia’s AI Centre, Botswana will host the innovation center, and Malawi will focus on cyber security.

The AI race is gaining momentum globally, and inq. is determined to carve its path in this transformative technology. Andile Ngcaba, inq.’s chairperson, emphasized the importance of Africa building its AI capabilities and talent. The AI Centre of Excellence, slated to launch on August 30, will play a vital role in providing African solutions and fostering talent in the region. During the launch, inq. will showcase its GPT models and generative AI, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts in this field.

The move into AI by inq. aligns with a broader trend of technology adoption and innovation in Africa. According to the State of AI in Africa Report 2023, the continent is embracing AI in unique ways, signaling a promising trajectory for its growth and development. By introducing DocAI and VideoAI solutions, inq. aims to position itself as a dominant player in the AI landscape.

One of the key challenges in the region lies in retaining talent, as skilled individuals often seek opportunities with larger conglomerates abroad, leading to a brain drain. To counter this, inq. recognizes the urgent need to build talent locally and foster a thriving AI ecosystem in Africa. By establishing the AI Centre of Excellence, inq. takes a proactive step towards empowering the region and driving technological progress on its home soil.

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