Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Upgrades Network to Meet Demand for Data and Voice Services

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe responds to growing demand by upgrading network infrastructure for improved data and voice services.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has announced plans to deploy a virtualised core network as part of its infrastructure upgrade to meet the growing demand for data and voice services. The company reported a significant increase in voice and data usage for the quarter, with a growth rate of 30% and 31% respectively.

By implementing the virtualised core network, Econet aims to enhance the customer experience by launching new products and services and implementing faster changes. The upgrade has already covered 30% of base station sites in Harare and 70% in Bulawayo.

However, the company highlighted the challenges it faces due to limited access to foreign currency, which affects its capital expenditure program. Econet plans to invest approximately US$135 million in the next 12 months to further improve network capacity and capabilities.

In addition to the network upgrade, Econet has started deploying Business Support Systems, starting with a new digital Know Your Customer platform. This platform leverages digital identification and partner management services, providing customers with convenient access to the company’s digital ecosystem and partner services.

Despite the challenging operating environment characterized by below-inflation tariff adjustments, foreign exchange headwinds, and inflation, Econet expects the demand for its services to remain strong. The company is focused on meeting customer needs and providing reliable telecommunications services in Zimbabwe.

Looking ahead, Econet plans to continue upgrading its radio network in Harare, Bulawayo, and Manicaland by the end of 2023. The company remains committed to improving connectivity and delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of its customers.

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