Sama to Expand BPO Operations in Kenya, Boosting Employment Opportunities

Sama training-data company plans expansion in Kenya, offering BPO services and creating employment opportunities.

California-based training-data company, Sama, has announced plans to expand its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations in Kenya. The decision follows engagements with the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry and the BPO Association of Kenya.

Sama specializes in annotating data for artificial intelligence algorithms, providing computer vision solutions for AI and machine learning models. In Kenya, the company offers BPO services such as data validation, curation, image and video annotation, content moderation, and customer service support.

This expansion aligns with the growing importance of the BPO industry in Africa’s economic recovery and reconstruction post-COVID-19. With high unemployment rates on the continent, the BPO sector plays a crucial role in generating employment opportunities.

The BPO Association of Kenya estimates that the industry will create over one million jobs and generate more than $400 million in revenue. Annepeace Alwala, Vice President of Global Delivery at Sama, highlights the industry’s capacity to provide global solutions and contribute to the local economy.

CEO Wendy Gonzalez emphasizes Kenya’s potential to become a significant player in the global BPO market. Sama aims to provide fair-paying entry-level jobs to individuals from low-income backgrounds, offering opportunities for economic empowerment and inclusive growth.

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