Telkom Business Empowers SMMEs with AI-Driven Tools for Online Presence

Telkom Business introduces AI-powered tools for SMMEs to enhance online presence and marketing capabilities.

Telkom Business, a leading telecommunications company, has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) tools to assist small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) in managing their online presence effectively. The company has announced that users of its YEP! business portal for SMMEs will now have access to innovative tools for reputation management and social marketing, with the Pro version incorporating powerful AI capabilities.

According to Keneilwe Gwabeni, Chief Information Officer at Telkom Business, these tools offer SMMEs the opportunity to refine their online presence, ultimately contributing to business growth. In an increasingly competitive online landscape, establishing a strong digital presence requires substantial time and effort. By providing these tools, Telkom Business aims to enhance the marketing capabilities of YEP! users while enabling them to monitor their performance. The integration of AI further elevates the value proposition, making the tools more powerful and efficient.

YEP!’s social marketing tool simplifies content planning, scheduling, and publication across various social media platforms, all from a single location. The Standard version, available for free, enables management of up to 20 posts on Facebook and Google Business, accompanied by post-performance analytics and social audience insights.

The Pro version expands the capabilities to include an unlimited number of posts across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, Pro offers advanced features like link tracking, customer posts, lead generation, RSS feeds, tagging in posts, and clickable Instagram bios.

One of the prominent benefits of the Pro version is its integration of AI, which aids users in creating compelling content rapidly. Gwabeni emphasizes the significance of content in the competitive social media landscape, highlighting how next-generation AI empowers SMMEs by streamlining content generation.

In addition to social marketing, assessing performance across different platforms is crucial for SMMEs to safeguard their online reputation. The Standard reputation management tool allows easy management of reviews on platforms like Facebook, Google, and My Listing. It enables inline response to reviews and provides sentiment analysis and statistics. Users also receive daily digest emails and executive reports.

The Pro version expands on these functionalities by including citations, listing statistics, competitor analysis, mention tracking, and social monitoring. Leveraging AI, it provides in-depth data analysis to facilitate informed decision-making.

Gwabeni underlines the significance of the reputation management tool in helping SMMEs identify and address issues on various platforms. Numerous YEP! clients have experienced substantial benefits from basic platform management. For instance, one client reported a remarkable 5,000% increase in clicks over a two-year period.

YEP! has been a trusted ally for SMMEs in leveraging technology effectively for several years. Businesses such as Added Advantage Academy and Total Services have praised the impact of YEP! on their operations, citing improved returns on Google marketing campaigns and successful management of Google AdWords campaigns, respectively.

With the integration of AI-driven tools, Telkom Business aims to empower SMMEs further, enabling them to enhance their digital presence and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive online landscape.

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