Airtel Kenya Set to Launch 5G Network and Expand Coverage Nationwide

Airtel Kenya plans to launch 5G network, expand coverage with 649 new sites, and enhance connectivity nationwide.

Airtel Kenya, the second-largest telecoms operator in the country, has announced its plans to introduce a 5G network for consumers in July. This strategic move opens up new avenues for Airtel to attract a larger subscriber base by offering high-speed internet connectivity, following the footsteps of Safaricom, the market leader.

Alongside the 5G launch, Airtel Kenya has revealed an ambitious network expansion strategy to meet the growing demand for data services throughout the country. To enhance connectivity and improve service quality, the telecom operator intends to add 649 new sites to its network coverage nationwide, as reported by local media sources.

Presently, Airtel Kenya is actively deploying 349 new sites, slated for full operation by the year-end. Additionally, there are plans in place for an additional 300 sites, demonstrating the company’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

With an existing network infrastructure comprising more than 3,200 sites across all 47 counties, Airtel Kenya already covers 89 percent of the country. The network expansion initiative aims to further extend coverage, ensuring reliable connectivity for Airtel’s valued customers.

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