MultiChoice to Revamp Showmax in 2023 with Comcast

MultiChoice Group and Comcast have come together to revamp and upgrade its streaming service, Showmax in 2023.

MultiChoice Group has announced its intentions to revamp Showmax this year in a partnership with Comcast. MultiChoice Group has expressed that they intend to overhaul and upgrade the streaming platform completely.

MultiChoice’s partnership with Comcast (owners of NBCUniversal, Sky and Peacock), announced in March 2023, represents a significant step-up for the group’s future OTT ambitions. The new Showmax business will bring the world’s best local and international content to Africa and will be supported by Peacock’s scalable and feature rich technology platform. The transaction successfully closed on 4 April 2023 with MCG now owning 70% of the new Showmax group and NBCUniversal owning the remaining 30%. New products and launch dates will be announced in due course, with the platform expected to go live in the second half of FY24.

Following the recent announcement of the new Showmax group, the year ahead will not only see the business migrating to the Peacock platform, but also the exciting launch of new products and price points to set Showmax up for strong future growth.

Statement by MultiChoice

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