Paratus Botswana Completes its New Metro Fiber Ring Around Gaborone

Paratus Botswana has completed its new metro fiber ring around Gabrone. The fiber network is intended to provide a secured, high-speed connectivity.

Paratus Botswana, a leading telecommunications solutions provider, announces the completion of its new metro fiber ring around Gaborone. The fiber network will provide fully secured, high-speed connectivity to businesses and individuals in the area.

The metro fiber ring in Gaborone allows secure connectivity – and it is unique in that it is totally independent and fully protected. We offer business customers the network service they deserve and need because it bolsters the ever-increasing bandwidth and uptime requirements.

Shawn Bruwer, Country MD, Paratus Botswana

The Paratus Gaborone fiber network also strengthens the company’s network resilience and gives businesses uninterrupted access to essential services even in the event of an outage or network disruption.

Paratus Botswana initially invested in microwave infrastructure and created an independent network in Gaborone that extended across the border into South Africa. With its latest fiber investment and the new Gaborone fiber ring, Paratus Botswana connects all critical areas in the city and provides Botswana with a seamless add-on to its existing infrastructure backbone.  It forms part of Paratus Botswana’s ongoing investment in its network infrastructure to meet the growing demand for telecommunications services in the country. It aligns with the government’s plan – Botswana Vision 2036 – to transform the country from an upper-middle-income to a high-income country.

The three-year project involved the construction of a fiber-optic network that connects business and residential areas in Botswana. By circling Gaborone, the Paratus Botswana fiber network also complements existing services, including national and international network services, internet, voice, satellite, structured cabling, and hosting solutions. Most importantly, it connects to five data centers across the city.

The completion of this fiber ring forms part of the Paratus Group vision to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service. We aim to double revenue within the next five years through investing in and deploying the best infrastructure. We have carved the Paratus path across the continent with due care and attention in delivering Africa’s quality network. We were born in Africa, we know Africa, and we believe there should be no limits for quality connectivity in Africa.

Schalk Erasmus, CEO, Paratus Group

The completion of the Fiber ring also ties in with Paratus Botswana’s latest “Fiber to the Business” campaign, which offers Botswana businesses the opportunity to experience the power of connectivity and unlock unlimited growth opportunities. Paratus is committed to providing businesses with high-quality, fast, secure network connections, unrivalled uptime, and 24/7 technical support. Their fiber or wireless packages offer reliable internet, value-added services, and productivity tools to take businesses to the next level. Paratus also continues investing in its infrastructure, expanding its fiber line and improving network coverage for faster and more reliable connectivity. As part of the company’s strategy to help businesses grow, they are designing solutions specific to SME needs with their Paratus Business Bundle (PBB) packages, offering significant savings over a 24-month period while staying connected and enhancing productivity.

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