Tanzania Awards $122 Million Worth of Contracts for the Construction of 758 Communication Towers

The President of Tanzania has awarded two contracts worth TZS 275.5 Billion towards the construction of 758 communication towers.

Tanzania’s President, Samia Suluhu Hassan, recently witnessed the signing of two contracts totaling TZS 275.5 billion (USD 122 million) for the construction of 758 communication towers across the country. This significant investment reflects a shift in the government’s recognition of the importance of telecommunication services, particularly in rural areas. President Hassan and other stakeholders emphasize the need to provide affordable services to rural communities and enable them to benefit from improved connectivity.Samia Suluhu Hassan, the President of Tanzania stood witnes to two contracts worth TZS 275.5bn (USD 122 million) being signed for for the construction of 758 communication towers in the country.

These charges were set at a time when we were thinking that telecommunication services were not that important and that rural people were not benefiting. Today, we are expanding to rural areas, and we need to make sure that they get affordable services.

We need to understand that adding operational costs to the telecommunication companies will be reflected in the cost of bundles.

Spreading better communication services will stimulate growth in almost all economic sectors, therefore making the rural dwellers part of the country’s development, which we are pushing.

We want to stimulate business activities in villages and easily connect farmers with the relevant markets and technologies that will provide useful information to them.

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan

We will continue expanding our network to provide services to more Tanzanians.

We promise to participate in and implement the Tanzania digital project. Our aim is to connect all people with the world in different aspects like education, health, and economy.

Mr Philip Besiimire, Managing Director, Vodacom Tanzania PLC

Advancement in technology can have a great impact on the way people interact locally and globally.

Nathan Balete, Country Director, World Bank

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