Ericsson Helps Etisalat Egypt by e& Combat Carbon Emissions

Ericsson Smart Connected Site has been helping Etisalat Egypt by e& reduce carbon emissions as well as a decrease in its reliance on diesel generators.

Ericsson has enhanced its remote management feature on Etisalat Egypt by e&’s network by implementing the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution, enabling diesel generators that run in shorter bursts to save up to 40 percent in fuel cost and in carbon dioxide emissions.

This extends the diesel generator’s lifetime and reduces the overhauling frequency by up to 50 percent.

An additional benefit of the Smart Connected Site is that it incorporates the ability to remotely monitor all aspects of the site like collecting, aggregating, and communicating radio, power and enclosure, and site material operating data and status. Remote monitoring substantially reduces site visits, travel and transportation, and thus the company’s carbon footprint.

Our mission is “Delivering insightful, segmented services to enrich lives in a changing world”- that is why our responsibility is to serve our customers and the larger Egyptian community by taking another step in the right direction. The modernization and improvement of our network is critical to the sector’s continuing development. Thanks to the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution, Etisalat Egypt by e& can now enjoy efficient site upgrades with a reduced carbon footprint and improved network performance. Our customers will continue to benefit from Etisalat Egypt’s reliable and now more energy efficient network.

Medhat ElHusseiny, Chief Technology Officer, Etisalat Egypt by e&

As networks evolve with more complexity added at the site level, Ericsson provides operators with a smart way to manage their sites with greater efficiency. The region is turning its attention to greater and more impactful sustainability practices, and we are well-placed to enable network connectivity through intelligent and green energy site solutions for long-term business success.

Ekow Nelson, Vice President and Head of Global Customer Unit for e&, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

With Ericsson Smart Connected Site, operators can have full visibility of all site-related equipment and relevant data remotely. A large amount of site information is displayed in a comprehensive and analytical view and provides insights, complete overview, and control mechanisms. This allows the operators to take proactive measures to control energy consumption, mitigate faults and enhance the overall network quality thereby ensuring efficient and intelligent operations throughout the whole network.

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