Airtel Money Zambia and CEEC to Accelerate Loan Repayment Technology

Airtel Money Zambia together with the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission are going to revolutionise loan repayments.

Airtel Money Zambia has partnered with Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) to revolutionize loan repayments. Through the partnership, clients can now repay their business loans in a secure, fast and convenient way through the Airtel Money platform.

In addition, this service supports Zambia’s Government strategy underpinned under the National Financial Inclusion Strategy aiming to promote economic development by creating a sustainable revolving fund.

We are optimistic that this service developed for Airtel Zambia PLC customers will support their businesses, enhance their livelihoods and create local economies where inclusion thrives, and development is sustainable.

Statement by Airtel Africa

We are certainly delighted with this partnership with Airtel Money as it gives CEEC clients, not only marketeers a modern-day experience with CEEC. Going forward, the Commission would like to increase its technology touch points for better service delivery.

Dr Muwe Mungule, Director General, CEEC

The partnership we are announcing today is an important one as we support Government’s agenda in the 8th National Development Plan to increase access to affordable financial services, particularly by women, youth, persons with disabilities and the rural-based population.

Mr. Andrew Chuma, Country Director, Airtel Mobile Commerce (Airtel Money)

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