Orange Maroc to Invest in Nador Region’s New Submarine Cable Infrastructure

Orange Maroc has announced that they are going to be investing in the new submarine cable infrastructure in the Nador Region.

Orange Maroc has announced that they have now taken a decision to invest in the submarine cable infrastructure in Nador Region. This is being done to help strengthen Morocco’s proclivity to digital exchanges in Africa and also strengthen its digital sovereignty.

We are particularly proud to contribute to the trans-Mediterranean digital connectivity project by deploying the landfall and submarine cable infrastructure in the Nador region, which will connect Morocco to the countries of North Africa and Europe. from the South involved in this project. By connecting our fiber optic infrastructure to this Mediterranean system, we will strengthen Morocco’s attractiveness as a digital gateway to Africa, while confirming Morocco’s digital sovereignty. 

Hendrik Kasteel, CEO, Orange Morocco

With this project, Orange Morocco will contribute to the production of the first submarine cable to connect the main Mediterranean countries in partnership with Medusa. Concretely, the system will connect the two shores and will have 16 landing points in countries, including Morocco. As part of its open innovation approach, Orange Morocco will share this new infrastructure with operators wishing to use it.

Statement by Orange Morocco

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