Telkom to Replace its Copper Broadband Infrastructure with Fiber

Telkom South Africa has announced that they are going to be replacing its copper local broadband infrastructure with fiber.

Telkom South Africa has announced its intentions to replace the entirety of its copper local broadband infrastructure with fiber.

Fibre is a large part of the forward-looking technology that will empower and uplift communities across South Africa, especially when it comes to helping individuals and businesses overcome some of the many challenges inflicted by Covid-19.

With technology advancing so rapidly, we want to help keep our customers up to date and ensure that they are making the most of what’s available.

Customers can rest assured that Telkom will not leave them deadlocked. While the move away from the copper-based internet is mandatory, we will work with customers to find an alternative connectivity solution that best meets their needs.

We want all those affected to know that we are waiving the cost of installation. So, essentially, customers can benefit from an incredible upgrade without having to pay a cent in the process.

The only cost involved will be the monthly cost of the new internet package that each user selects.

Steven White, Director of Product Development and Management, Telkom

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