Paratus Botswana Announces Deployment of Fiber to the Home Service

Paratus Botswana has announced that they have deployed their Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service.

Anyone in Gaborone can now enjoy better, faster, and more reliable connections with the recently launched Paratus Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service. This is news for people working from home, students, young professionals, gamers, and multi-tasking families because they can all benefit. Whether they want to stream their favourite series, partake in an online meeting, share huge data files or merely connect at high speed to the Internet, Paratus FTTH is the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy more of their network at home with no fear of interruption.

FTTH is the gold standard for Internet services. Fiber provides uninterrupted and lightning-fast connections to the consumer that is unrivalled by most other connection mediums. Demand for fast, reliable Internet is proliferating and fiber is the best medium to facilitate that. As an independent service provider, Paratus is giving Gaborone residents more choice, more freedom, and greater broadband capacity. 

Paratus has created a highly competitively priced package for its FTTH service that is bundled with a sophisticated router, built to last and offers better Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home environment. Paratus provides a uniquely robust service in Botswana because of its redundant international backbone routes which reduce the risk of breaks in transmission.

The benefit of Fiber to the Home is that we are able to deliver internet service directly to your home from our network, where we have invested extensively to ensure Botswana has constant access to the world and the internet. Utilising our higher broadband FTTH packages will eliminate speed issues and allow everyone in the household to connect without the fear of interrupting another family member’s experience. If you’re using the cloud for storage, FTTH makes the whole process easier, faster, smoother, and safer. That’s why we have focused on creating an uncapped internet service that is bullet-proof for residents in Gaborone because we believe they deserve to enjoy uptime all the time. We really want you to love going home.

Paratus boasts a pan-African network that historically catered for Enterprise customers. There are plans in place to deploy FTTH to consumers in other parts of the country at a later stage. For now, we’re delighted that we can provide Gaborone residents with an unequalled fiber service – a reliable, fast, secure, and uncapped internet connection, which of course makes FTTH an absolute ‘no-brainer’.

Shawn Bruwer, MD, Paratus Botswana

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