Zain Bahrain Partners with The Labour Fund to Employ and Train Bahrainis in the ICT Sector

Zain Bahrain has announced a partnership with The Labour Fund to help employ and train Bahrainis in the ICT sector.

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) signed a strategic partnership agreement with Zain Bahrain to employ and train Bahrainis in the high-potential ICT sector through Zain’s “CODE 2030” program. This initiative aligns with Tamkeen’s mandate of making Bahrainis the employees of choice in the private sector by supporting training and employment opportunities that can enhance their competitiveness locally and internationally.

CODE2030 is a tech-based employment program that aims to foster the development of skills and competencies needed for Bahraini youth to enter the technology field and contribute to its development in the Kingdom. The program is tailored for potential employees and university graduates that are specialized in technology. It will offer 18 months of high-level training courses, professional certifications, and on-the-job training rotations within Zain.

We believe in Bahrain’s youth and their ability to excel in Technology and drive innovation and productivity within the organizations they work in. Providing specialized training and courses for young professionals will prepare them for the jobs of the future and help them in identifying sustainable career paths.

We are focusing our efforts on strengthening the Kingdom’s position as the tech hub of the region by investing in world-class training for our national workforce and establishing fruitful partnerships that can accelerate their career development and growth, thus transforming Bahrain’s ICT sector

Ms. Maha Mofeez Acting Chief Executive, Labour Fund (Tamkeen)

We are extremely proud to collaborate with Tamkeen to announce the new tech-based program CODE2030. This initiative is part of Zain Bahrain’s ongoing commitment to invest and empower youth, creating opportunities for them to tap into a vast array of unique expertise to help them develop and build futuristic skills. Moreover, we continue expanding our investment in technology to meet the Kingdom’s tech future needs, which aligns with vision 2030.

Mohammed Zainalabedin, Managing Director, Zain Bahrain

Zain Bahrain has always been keen on understanding the potential of training the local youth, investing in their future, and empowering them with high-tech skills to support the Kingdom’s future job needs in various fields. The new initiative CODE2030, which comes under Zain Bahrain Youth Development Program, is open for all Bahraini fresh graduates who graduated from university within the past three years, aged 21-27. The program will focus on future tech skills such as data analytics, robotic process automation, FinTech, cybersecurity, User Interface design (UI) and User Experience design (UX), artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  Throughout the program, Zain will promote those talents and fill the market gaps in different industries.

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