Nokia and Etisal Come into a Mobile Manufacturing Partnership

Nokia has announced that they have come into a partnership with Etisal to manufacture 1 Million mobile devices by the end of this year.

In a recent announcement, HMD International, the owner of Nokia disclosed a partnership with Etisal for Advances Industries in Egypt toward manufacturing 1 Million mobile devices by the end of 2022.

Under the agreement, HMD will provide EAI with the production requirements of raw materials, inspection and testing tools, and calibration equipment necessary for the production process.

We will also provide the factory in Egypt with transfers of technological expertise and technical support by training Egyptian cadres at the hands of Nokia experts from Finland, in addition to providing all means of support to take advantage of the company’s research and development centres to provide the best specifications and products that meet consumer needs.

Tamer Al-Gamal, General Manager of HMD in Egypt

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