MoMo Rwanda Launches its Web Portal, MoMoBiz

MoMo Rwanda has announced the launch of a new web portal for businesses and merchants, MoMoBusiness.

In a recent announcement, Mobile Money Rwanda Ltd (MoMo Rwanda) disclosed that they have introduced MoMoBusiness (MoMoBiz). MoMoBiz is a web portal that is expected to help businesses and merchants irrespective of the size with digital transactions. These payments can include bulk payments for salaries and suppliers or the collection of payments.

MoMoBiz is a product that we’ve been looking forward to launch for a while now. We can now confidently say, gone are the days where business owners have to count bundles of cash, keep piles of daily transaction books, and ensure the cash counter is safely locked. MoMoBiz relieves our partners of that and provides a seamless platform for them to transact, buy goods and pay salaries, all at a click of a button. Let’s not forget the convenience of having all this critical information at their disposal everywhere they go.

MoMo Rwanda is committed to providing easy to access and convenient products and services with the aim of propelling financial inclusion across the nation and promoting the country’s cashless agenda. Our mission is to provide digital solutions for Rwanda’s progress.

Chantal Kagame, Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Money Rwanda Ltd

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