iOCO Cloud Leverages VMware to Simplify its Cloud Solutions

iOCO Cloud has announced that they are leveraging its VMware Cloud Provider Partner Status to simplify its cloud solutions.

iOCO Cloud has announced that they have leveraged its VMware Cloud Provider Partner status in an effort to enable customers to centralise the deployment of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments from its seven global datacenters.

“We started this journey a decade ago, early in local cloud terms, so you run the risk of just being another infrastructure hosting partner. Our goal has always been to develop a multi-cloud, multi-tenant environment we manage for clients or offer clients self-service capabilities. Our partnerships with VMware and Teraco have been critical to the development of our any-cloud-as-a-service solution, which facilitates a customer’s move away from CAPEX models towards an OPEX-based IT solution.”

Paul Spagnoletti, Business Unit Executive: Cloud and Security South Africa

“The way we articulate our role and the benefits we provide is that we partner with cloud providers like iOCO to offer a connectivity ecosystem via all the networks that land at Teraco. Plus, an onramp to every hyperscaler, be it AWS, Microsoft or Oracle. This opens opportunities for end-users to optimise their journey to digital transformation, an area our VMware Cloud Provider Partners, like iOCO, are good at capitalising on.”

Di Buijs, Strategic Partnerships, Teraco Data Environments

“VMware is a major part of our hosted cloud platform; they are front and centre of it and a massive part of our technical landscape. Their ongoing investment into their offerings and solutions help us enhance and continually adapt our services to our customers, frequently without a customer even realising their cloud is driven by VMware.”

Paul Spagnoletti, Business Unit Executive: Cloud and Security South Africa

“Through the value it delivers and its ability to offer clients a single pane of glass into multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, iOCO demonstrates the importance of partnerships in a highly competitive cloud market. Its any-cloud-as-a-service solutions, and its knowledge of marrying multiple cloud offerings into a single service place it in an enviable position in the local market. From a VMware perspective, we are excited to be a part of a multi-cloud platform for all applications offering simplicity of choice for our partners and customers.”

Sumeeth Singh, Head of Cloud Provider Business Sub-Saharan Africa, VMware

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