Smart Africa Alliance and NADPA/RAPDP to Enhance the Enforcement of the African National Authorities

Smart Africa Alliance has announced a partnership with NADPA/RAPDP in an effort to enhance the enforcement capabilities of the African National Authorities.

The Smart Africa Alliance (SA) has signed an MOU with NADPA/RAPDP (Network of African Data Protecion Authorities) to provide institutional support and enhance the enforcement capacities of the African National Authorities.

Originally started during the first discussions between Smart Africa and NADPA/RAPDP held in Benguerir, Morocco, on November 26th 2021, the need to join forces has successfully led to the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) which is entering into force in Dakar, Senegal effective as of March 10th, 2022. 

This MOU is laying the ground of a genuine pan African dialogue and cooperation. NADPA/RAPDP and SA are coming together to:

  • support national data strategies and enforcement of data protection regulations in order to create a harmonized framework for data protection policies and regulation in Africa;
  • support African States in preparing or updating legislation on the protection of privacy and personal data, and in establishing data protection authorities;
  • develop and conduct joint capacity building modules for African Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) through Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA) whenever possible;
  • develop in place initiatives for enhanced legal collaboration between African Data Protection Authorities to support the digitalization of the continent. 

“Our organization has reached a new milestone and is now ready to enter into such an ambitious partnership. We are very much excited and looking forward to achieve all our commitments not only from a data governance and data protection legal harmonization point of view but also for the development of a regional training and certification for African data protection professionals, in order to address the skills deficit in this field.”

Patricia Poku, Executive Director of the National Data Protection Commission of Ghana and President of NADPA/RAPDP

“I am very pleased that both Smart Africa and NADPA/RAPDP have come together through this MOU signature. We need to work on our enforcement capacities for our data protection policies and intensify our panafrican collaboration. If not, our laws will remain empty shells. In line with Malabo Convention, but also the new Continental Data Policy Framework of the African Union Commission, this MOU will help facilitate and accelerate harmonization and legal collaboration between our countries members state.

Lacina Koné, CEO, Smart Africa

“The MOU represents a strategic framework for design and sharing between key players in the protection of personal data. It is in line with initiatives to make Africa a safe and enabling space for digital transformation.”

Awa Ndiaye, President, CDP Senegal

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