Phase3 Telecom to Enable Enhanced Digital Connectivity in Nigeria and West Africa

Phase3 Telecom has announced that they are going to enable digital connectivity in Nigeria and West African sub-region.

Africa’s leading independent aerial fibre optic network infrastructure and telecommunications services provider, Phase3 Telecom, is enabling advanced digital connectivity, improved performance and enhanced network security for enterprise. This drive is targeted at cost efficient and unified network endpoint management for businesses in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

This development is also designed to amplify Phase3 enterprise value active network deployments for MSMEs, large scale corporates and institutions.

“This expansive service optimization is targeted at improved coverage on Phase3 network routes through Africa as well as to assure solutions that help businesses  transform and scale seamlessly.

Phase3 current network upgrades is an ongoing exercise and will cover security features, performance enhancements, agile update capacity, and quality delivery mechanisms for enterprise segments. Especially in the areas of productive work-from-anywhere or do-business-from-anywhere and digitized remote connectivity solutions.”

Stanley Jegede, Executive Chairman, Phase3 Telecom

In addition to the company’s focus to increase enterprise based networks data handling capacity and their capability to access data within dissimilar sources faster vis-a-vis smarter, as today’s global clime demands.

“Phase3 layered digital capabilities will both enhance Phase3 network architecture and compliment legacy connectivity service experience in remote locations with significant Phase3 presence and network access points.”

Stanley Jegede, Executive Chairman, Phase3 Telecom

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