NTRA Allocates New Radio Frequencies to Orange Egypt

Orange Egypt has been allocated new radio frequencies of 30 MHz within 2600 band by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) allocated new radio frequencies of 30 MHz within 2600 band, via Time-Division Duplexing (TDD), to Orange Egypt. The new frequencies were actually allocated in return for USD 440 million, to be used for providing mobile phone services in the Arab Republic of Egypt. To this end, an addendum to the service license issued by NTRA, was actually signed between NTRA and Orange Egypt to officially allocate such new frequencies. 

This step was taken in completion of the process initiated by NTRA to allocate new frequency bands of 80 MHz within 2600 band, via TDD. In fact, the aforementioned frequencies were allocated to Vodafone Egypt, Egypt Telecom (WE) and Etisalat Egypt in return for USD 1.170 billion. By virtue of the new agreement signed between NTRA and Orange Egypt, 30 MHz shall be allocated to the latter within 2600 MHz, via TDD, and return for USD 440 million. Therefore, the value of frequencies allocated to the four mobile operators within 2600 MHz has now reached a total of USD 1.610 billion.  

Moreover, the step comes in conjunction with the inclusive plan set for improving telecom quality for mobile users in Egypt. New standards have been actually established and are included in the addendum signed between NTRA and Orange Egypt, to boost telecom services in Egypt’s market, in terms of voice and data, complying with the norms and standards established worldwide.

So as to be mentioned, operation of the new frequencies made available would contribute to achieving a quantum leap in telecom services. It would also contribute to raising the level of network-readiness to become able to provide future communication and information technology services in compliance with the quality standards applicable worldwide. In fact, this process would help to meet the increasing demand on telecom services in Egypt’s market, would also uphold digital information and pave the way for the Digital Egypt.

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