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SEC Approves the MTN’s Offer for the Sale of 575 Million Shares in MTN Nigeria

MTN Group has announced that their offer for sale of 575 Million ordinary shares has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

MTN Group has announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved an offer for sale of up to 575 million ordinary shares in MTN Nigeria, by way of a bookbuild to qualified investors (Institutional Offer) and a fixed price to retail investors (Retail Offer).

The Institutional Offer opens on 23 November 2021 and closes at 15.00 SAST on 26 November 2021, after which a fixed price will be determined for the Retail Offer. The Retail Offer is proposed to open after the Institutional Offer, and an announcement will be published in this regard once clearance is obtained from the SEC.

“MTN Group is pleased with the launch of this public offer. This is the first step in a series of offers over the near to medium-term for MTN Group to sell-down a total of up to 14% shareholding in MTN Nigeria. This should result in greater ownership by Nigerian institutional and retail shareholders, and increased liquidity of the share on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.”

Ralph Mupita, President and Chief Executive Officer, MTN Group

MTN Group currently holds 78.8% shareholding in MTN Nigeria.

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