stc Accelerates its Efforts to Replace its 3G Network with 5G

stc has announced that they are continuously making an effort to replace their 3G network with the new 5G network.

stc asserted its continued efforts to invest in infrastructure development in the Kingdom by providing coverage and high speed for its customers through expansion in the replacement of 3G Mobile Communication Networks with the advanced 5G network.

Last year, stc announced its plans to decommission its 3G networks in ‘less than two years’ and expand the 5G network in various regions throughout the Kingdom. stc is committed to ensuring a quick and smooth transition of all remaining 3G customers and provide them with the ability to benefit from the advanced networks and their advantages before the actual shutdown date in 2022.

stc is working to make available the new generation of communications networks that provide superior capabilities in terms of speed and data capacity. Under its plans to enhance its position as a leading digital enabler in the region and to ensure that customers enjoy the best possible experiences provided by advanced high-speed networks, stc has focused on investing in the latest networks over the past years as a part of the overall digital transformation path and expansion of infrastructure projects.

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