South African Metering Industry Association formed by the Dept. of Trade Industry

The Department of Trade Industry and Competition has established an association, the South African Metering Industry Association (SAMIA).

Since the designation of both residential electricity and water meters, direct and indirect employment has been created and this has benefited the component manufacturing industries. The existing local production capacity and capabilities in South Africa within the metering industry can ensure the growth of the industry and create much-needed jobs. As a result of this, the Department of Trade Industry and Competition has established an association called the South African Metering Industry Association (SAMIA).

This association was established to address the industry challenges, industry highlights and any assistance required by local manufacturers within the electricity and water metering sectors with the aim of strengthening ties, building networks, and fostering entrepreneurship. Strengthening the compliance and participation of the metering sector in the economy will solve issues such as imported meters undercutting locally manufactured meters and the high amount of faulty, non-compliant meters causing faulty utility readings for consumers which result in non-payment to municipalities.

“This is an opportunity for the metering industry to collaborate and deal with challenges that have been facing the industry for decades. This association is a great platform to further strengthen compliance adherence by local manufacturers through engagement with our country’s regulatory bodies.”

Edwin Sibiya, Chairperson, The South African Metering Industry Association

The designation of residential water meters was approved at 40% local content threshold and 50-70% for residential electricity prepayment, post-paid and smart meters. In establishing the association, the DTIC aims to prioritize the implementation of the local content threshold amongst municipalities and other public entities. This will directly have a positive impact on the local metering industry.

The association aims to be a custodian and voice of the local metering industry players by ensuring that challenges facing the industry are addressed, local manufacturers take part in government programs to boost employment and regulatory bodies are supported in upholding the standards set for the metering industry.

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