Intracom Telecom to Deliver its OmniBAS PtP Wireless Technology for Botswana’s Government

In a recent announcement, Intracom Telecom has disclosed that they are going to deliver their OmniBAS PtP Wireless Tech for the Botswana Government.

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced that its advanced OmniBAS microwave product family was used to upgrade the private network for the Botswana government. The equipment was supplied by Nextlan Pty Ltd, Intracom Telecom’s trusted reseller in the country.

Following an international tender, Nextlan supplied the government of Botswana with Intracom Telecom’s OmniBAS radios to upgrade the private wireless transmission network. The upgraded network will be used to support a wide range of broadband services carrying efficiently all telecommunication traffic, such as voice, video and data with full wireless and management redundancy, as well as backhauling the private TETRA network.

More specifically, Intracom Telecom’s OmniBAS platform for wireless transmission includes compact high-performance outdoor and indoor units delivering reliable 4096-QAM two-way transmission, and a leading link budget for high availability.

“This new project confirms that Intracom Telecom’s wireless portfolio is stronger than ever. Our OmniBAS™ microwave product family has been chosen repeatedly for mission critical applications and sensitive communications. Local support and services by Nextlan are crucial to our success in the Botswanan market and we are committed to continue delivering the best technology to our growing list of satisfied customers.”

John Tenidis, Marketing Director, Intracom Telecom’s Wireless Solutions Portfolio

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