MultiChoice Launches DStv Internet to Enable Better Connectivity in South Africa

In its effort to enable better connectivity in South African homes, MultiChoice has launched DStv internet.

In a bid to get more South African homes connected, MultiChoice has launched DStv Internet to provide internet access to those who do not have access to fibre services. 

The move to bring more value to customers and diversify its offering is part of MultiChoice’s ongoing evolution from a traditional video entertainment business.

MultiChoice delivers DStv, GOtv and Showmax to more than 20 million households across 50 countries in Africa, with the convenience of being able to enjoy content anytime, anywhere via satellite or streaming.

DStv Internet is a fixed wireless access service, which means that customers can now get connected to the internet with a SIM card and Wi-Fi router – a perfect option for those who do not have fibre in their residential area but want to access the internet regularly using various devices in their home. 

Customers can choose from three data packages, which are 25GB, 110GB, and 220GB. DStv customers have the benefit of choosing from bundle offerings that include data options with their DStv subscription package, making it easier to stream their favourite content on any internet-connected device. 

“Customer experience is at the forefront of MultiChoice’s continued product innovation. DStv Internet provides South Africans with connectivity for all their household internet requirements, giving them more convenience and choice.”   

Nyiko Shiburi, Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice South Africa

The DStv Internet offering also includes an exclusive new premium service called DStv Trusted Home, an AI-driven network security and Wi-Fi management solution developed jointly by MultiChoice’s digital platform security subsidiary Irdeto, and Minim – the creator of intelligent networking products.

The DStv Trusted Home not only comes with an iOS and Android app that puts subscribers in control of their Wi-Fi connection, but it also protects consumers’ home network from online security threats and malicious attacks and keeps children safer online with parental control features.

The DStv Trusted Home app is only available for use with DStv Internet routers. There are two router models that customers can purchase: the ZTE 286C & ZTE 286 R. The routers are included in the bundle and contract offerings.

“Great speed on its own is no longer enough, consumers demand more. In a time when people spend more time online than ever before, Wi-Fi management and security of their home network and parental controls around children’s behaviour online have become increasingly important services for operators to provide. Trusted Home by Irdeto and Minim is beneficial for both operators as well as consumers, and we are pleased to be able to provide this to MultiChoice and their customers.

The AI-driven network security and Wi-Fi management solution enables broadband providers to strengthen their reputation by providing a superior broadband experience. Therefore, we are excited to work with Irdeto and Minim. The collaboration has enabled MultiChoice to provide the best security features for DStv Internet.” 

Shane McCarthy, COO of Video Entertainment, Irdeto

As part of the launch of DStv Internet, the first 20 000 customers will receive a free 12-month subscription to the DStv Trusted Home app. After 12 months, customers will have the chance to opt-out or add a monthly charge of R30 to their DStv Internet bill. 

MTN has been selected as MultiChoice’s network partner.

“We are proud to partner with Multichoice to enhance access to digital services in South Africa. As a network wholesale provider, we are gearing up to serve the broader digital eco-system to ensure that more people can benefit from a modern and connected life.”

Quintus De Beer, Executive for Managed Network Services, MTN SA

Bringing connectivity to the unconnected, DStv Internet gives customers the opportunity to turn their homes to be the place to be.

Customers can now choose bundle options that include a DStv Internet data package with their DStv subscription, making it even easier to stream their favourite shows from the DStv App, and Showmax.

Customers who don’t have a DStv subscription can use DStv Internet to stay connected to social media, their friends and family, and work & learn from home.

DStv Internet’s exclusive benefit includes access to the DStv Trusted Home app that allows customers to:  

  • Easily manage their usage, with users able to run speed tests and manage data consumption.  
  • Access parental controls to make sure that children are not spending too much time in front of their screens and set limits accordingly.   
  • Review and approve connection requests. In addition to this, the app will also block attacks and malicious websites. AI protects every device on the home network.

 With DStv Internet there are three monthly data products to choose from: 

  • 25 Gigabyte (GB) Anytime and 25 Gigabyte (GB) Night-time data 
  • 110 Gigabyte (GB) Anytime and 110 Gigabyte (GB) Night-time data 
  • 220 Gigabyte (GB) Anytime and 220 Gigabyte (GB) Night-time data

Over the past year MultiChoice has introduced an array of new technologies, products and services to open a world of value and choice for customers. Part of this is the recently increased stake in pan-African online sports betting company BetKing to 49% and an expanded DStv Insurance offering.

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