Cyber Attacks and Phishing Emails Directed at stc on a Significant Rise since 2020, sirar States

The Advanced Technology and Cyber Security Company (sirar), a subsidiary of stc, has revealed a substantial rise in cyber attacks and mallicious emails since 2020.

The “Advanced Technology and Cyber Security Company” (sirar), a subsidiary of stc Group, revealed that the number of cyber-attacks repelled has reached more than 71,000 attacks and 14 million malicious “phishing” emails since the beginning of 2020.

Last January, stc launched its new company “sirar” as a technical arm in the field of cybersecurity, to support its strategy for growth in new paths and enable digital transformations, as well as to meet the growing demand for digital services, and keep up with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. That imposed a greater deal of reliance on digital technologies within various industries.

Saudi Arabia ranks 37th among the countries most targeted by cyber-attacks, which has led many companies and government sectors to resort to digital solutions in order to maintain business workflow. Estimates indicate the growth of the global cybersecurity market, reaching 281.74 billion US dollars in 2027. “sirar”, which targets the public sector, companies and SME, provides advanced services and solutions. Being the largest platform in the Kingdom and within the region with a capacity of more than 1.5 terabytes, it has managed, with national capabilities, to repel advanced cyber-attacks.

“sirar” recently signed a strategic agreement with a leading telecommunications company in the field of digital transformation, Telefonica, aimed at exchanging knowledge, adopting the best practices in the field of cybersecurity management, exchanging proactive information for cyber threats and attacks, as well as cooperating in the field of services and integrated in the technical solutions of the cloud services, the internet, and big data, while working to enhance cooperation and develop new products and services in the field of technology and cybersecurity.

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