Cameroon Telcos Lobby for Relaxation in Regulations

Several telecommunication service providers have been constantly lobbying for a relaxation in regulations related to the identification of users.

Several Telecommunication service providers in Cameroon are lobbying the government for the relaxation of regulations that pertain to the identification of subscribers.

Frédéric Debord, the General Manager of Orange Cameroun, in this issue said that the users who don’t have any valid identification documents should at least be allowed to have access to basic services including mobile money deposits and withdrawal of limited amounts.

Debord further stated that there has been a proposal to the government to implement a two-step identification system for users without an official national ID card. The suggested system relies on primary identification via an alternative ID document. And when the user does acquire a National id card, a formal identification can ensue.

“Nowadays, identification constraints are much more with the publication of new guidelines on the functioning of the payment incident management centre. Some of the data required by the centre are not contained in the national identity card.”

Frédéric Debord, General Manager, Orange Cameroun

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