Spacecom and NuRAN Wireless Come into Partnership

Spacecom and NuRAN wireless Inc. have come into a partnership with Spacecom acquiring 9.3% of NuRAN’s equity.

Spacecom, the satellite services provider and owner-operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, today announced it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NuRAN Wireless Inc. Including a USD 3.2 million investment (CAD 4 million) in the Canadian communications company. Spacecom is acquiring 9.3% of NuRAN’s equity, subject to the contract’s conditions.

NuRAN’s satellite-based wireless communications solutions enable mobile wireless operators (MNOs) to efficiently deploy sites to generate network coverage in hard-to-reach and rural regions where infrastructure is neither economically feasible nor cost-efficient.

The partnership agreement grants Spacecom exclusive rights to provide satellite capacity and bandwidth for all future NuRAN African operations. This includes NuRAN’s recently won large, long-term contracts to expand Orange’s MNO satellite network coverage for its Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) operations. These deals, and all future ones, will utilize Spacecom’s AMOS-17 advanced, digital satellite whose characteristics deliver significant advantages for Africa. Spacecom’s expected potential annual revenue from these deals is between USD two to three million, depending on the deals’ progress.

The collaboration is integral to Spacecom’s strategy to further its position as a leading Communications Service Provider of satellite-based solutions in Africa. This move advances the company’s program to integrate into its portfolio distinctive technological solutions that fit the target markets, including investments and joint ventures with companies possessing these exceptional technologies. Spacecom is penetrating the continent’s telecom and mobile markets with a wide variety of solutions and services above and beyond providing satellite capacity including designing, planning, operating, and managing advanced communication networks.

“I am happy and proud of our joint agreement with NuRAN Wireless to provide communications to remote regions and low-density population areas in Africa. This initiative represents an additional strategic step by Spacecom to bridge the continent’s digital divide. The advanced, unique capabilities of AMOS-17, alongside NuRAN Wireless’s solutions, demonstrate Spacecom’s obligation to provide services in Africa’s regions with limited infrastructure. We look forward to strengthening and expanding our African operations by emphasizing solutions for MNOs.”

Dan Zajicek, Chief Executive Officer, Spacecom

“This strategic partnership between NuRAN Wireless and Spacecom is vital to bridge the digital gap. The companies’ combined expertise and experience will ignite the potential of the rural market. Over one-third of the African population needs mobile and broadband connectivity that leads to significant growth to be captured. NuRAN’s executive team is delighted by this strategic alliance and looks forward to a connected future.”

Francis Letourneau, Chief Executive Officer, NuRAN Wireless

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