Eutelsat Extends its Contractual Relationship with Overon

Eutelsat has extended its relationship with Overon in supporting EUMETSAT’s weather data transmission.

Eutelsat has extended its contractual relationship with Overon, a leading provider of satellite services, for capacity at Eutelsat Communications’ (Euronext Paris: ETL), 10° East orbital position.

This multi-year, multi transponder contract for Ku wide-beam resources includes incremental capacity from 2023 onwards compared with the current contract. Overon will leverage the EUTELSAT 10A satellite, with a provision to transfer to EUTELSAT 10B once it enters service. The capacity will be utilized by Overon’s customer, EUMETSAT, the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space.

The capacity is located at 10° East, one of Eutelsat’s long-standing orbital locations and a key position for data networks with unrivalled coverage of the European, Middle Eastern and African zones.

“We are delighted to reinforce our relationship with our partner, Overon, and support EUMETSAT in its critical weather and climate monitoring missions. This contract expansion reflects the unmatched coverage of the 10° East orbital position, and we look forward to enabling them to leverage our next-generation EUTELSAT 10B.”

Philippe Oliva, Chief Commercial Officer, Eutelsat

“In our increasingly weather-dependent society, satellite data is indispensable for the National Meteorological Services to forecast the weather at all ranges and produce data that influences social and economic wellbeing. We are proud to support EUMETSAT in this critical work, and to be able to rely on Eutelsat to procure the optimum in-orbit resources they require.”

Alberto Via, Chief Executive Officer, Overon

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