Mobily and Ericsson Announce Voice and Data Services for Smartwatches in KSA

Mobily and Ericsson have announced that their smartwatch voice and data services are live across the Mobily network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mobily and Ericsson have announced that smartwatch voice and data services are now live and enabled on the Mobily network across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enabled by the Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server.

The Mobily launch allows consumers across the Kingdom to enjoy voice and data services independent of their smartphones using just their smartwatch or other wearable devices.

The Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server supports the onboarding of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Wi-Fi calling, and data services for SIM and eSIM devices. It handles multiple authentication channels for a simplified and enhanced user experience, and an efficient orchestration of subscription profiles in the network. 

The collaboration between Mobily and Ericsson is another milestone in the companies’ relationship which began in 2005 and has since seen Ericsson provide Core, Radio, Managed Services and Business Support Systems (BSS) services.

Ericsson’s deployment of the Secure Entitlement Server aligns with the key pillar of accelerating digital transformation in the Kingdom on the road to realize Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

“Since 2005, Mobily has successfully partnered with Ericsson on various products and services. By adding the capability to make calls using wearable devices independent of consumers’ smartphones is another step forward in our aim to provide customers with innovations that add value to their day-to-day lives. Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server enables us to advance our service offering and demonstrates the aligned values both companies share for telecommunications and 5G in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Alaa Malki, Chief Technology Officer, Mobily

“The deployment of the Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server is a further demonstration of our capabilities to deliver advanced communications services to consumers businesses and to the Saudi society in general. Advances in wearable and smartwatch communication are examples of the kinds of innovations Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region can expect from Ericsson and Mobily.”

Ekow Nelson, Vice President, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

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