ONT and Arabsat to Launch their First Educational Channel Over Satellite

Arabsat and ONT have come into an agreement into launching their first educational channel over the satellite Arabsat Badr-4.

The National Radio and Television Broadcaster (ONT) has signed a long-term agreement with the Arabs Satellite Communication Organization (Arabsat) to launch their first educational channel over the satellite Arabsat Badr-4, which covers the Middle East, North Africa and most Western European countries and offers a high power to be easily received throughout Tunisia and the across region, using dishes with smaller sizes .

New promise for the viewers in North Africa, Tunisia, and for school pupils, who can now enjoy following their education classes from home on television and not miss any lessons for the current and future school years at all school levels. They can also review educational curricula and programs at any time by watching the programs of the first Tunisian educational channel “Wataniya Educational”.

This agreement comes within the framework of the growing strategic partnership between the ONT and Arabsat. It is designed to provide a unique and high-quality viewing experience, in a unified satellite TV bouquet of national Tunisian channels, and to facilitate its distribution and access to Tunisian and Arab viewer wherever he/she is under the unparalleled coverage of Arabsat Badr-4.

On April 1, 2021, the pilot broadcast of the channel took place, joining its sister national Tunisian channels broadcasting on the same bouquet.

“I am very pleased that we have reached this day when we will be able to communicate our educational message and broadcast the curriculum to all our students throughout the Republic of Tunisia in a manner that is easy and accessible to everyone. Keeping up with the global development in the fields of satellite TV broadcasting and the possibility of recruiting it to serve the educational institution. And of course, our first choice was to cooperate with our most prominent Arabic organization Arabsat, which has provided its best potential via their satellite Arabsat Badr-4, to help our dear students pursue their studies in all possible and evolving ways, in the current conditions of the pandemic and frequent public lock-downs.”

Mr. Zakir Albakoush, President and GM, ONT

“The launch of such educational channels comes is in parallel with the initiative launched by Arabsat at the beginning of last year, 2020, in which it called for the provision of satellite broadcasting capabilities to serve important sectors of the state affected by the overall lock-downs of the Covid-19 pandemic, Like education, health, and civil defense, Arabsat has been keen to support these sectors across all Arab states as part of our social responsibility and to assist them in communicating their programs and awareness messages to people at homes, and here, we value ONT’s decision to use our services in supporting Tunisia’s educational system, and we look forward to developing our partnership into broader perspectives.”

Khalid Balkheyour, Arabsat President and CEO

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