stc and RPMANetworks extend Smart Home partnership with a Smart Wireless Fire Alarm Solution

stc announced the signing of an additional partnership agreement with RPMANetworks to expand the LINC_Air™ Smart_Home Solution’s deployment for the mega project of NEOM city with a Smart Wireless Fire Monitoring Solution from RPMA.

The LINC Air™ Smart Fire Alarm Solution uses cutting-edge technologies such as unique and secure wireless radio to deploy Smart Fire detectors with one-go-all-go technology and Bukhoor functionality developed for the Saudi market to differentiate between Bukhoor and the real smoke. The solution provides NEOM residents with a first-of-its-kind new connected Smart Fire safety solution in their own homes. The LINC_CONNECT Smart Fire Alarm Solution includes an artificial_intelligence platform deployed by stc at NEOM. It will help the authorities make split-second life-saving decisions based on real-time data captured from all homes and buildings in NEOM around the clock. 

This technology offers an unprecedented level of interoperability across different domains of modern city life. For example, the integrated Command Center Control and artificial intelligence platform would control citywide IoT devices through one platform, allowing the dispatching of all the emergency services needed for any particular event. NEOM Smart Home and Smart_Building of the future will have smart fire functionalities alongside today’s traditional smart devices.

stc Group recently signed an agreement with NEOM to operate a 5G communications network and establish an innovation center at the city for applications in virtual reality, augmented reality, smart home development, new remote healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and the interaction between residents and digital infrastructure. This will provide innovative digital solutions in NEOM to build a new model of sustainability and safe living for the city’s residents.

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