Orange Botswana launches 4G TDD technology

The CEO of Orange Bostwana, Dr. Patrick Benon commented saying that they are committed to improving their internet services this year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Botswana, Dr. Patrick Benon said that the company is committed to improving fixed internet connectivity this year.

“As you are aware, with the COVID-19 crisis, Botswana’s need for fixed internet has tremendously increased, and our customers need more speed, more stability, and unlimited internet at an affordable price. We have decided to use 4G-TDD technology because at home our customers consume heavy amounts of data, and they want unlimited internet. Also, it was important to separate the fixed internet network from the mobile network to avoid fixed internet usage compromising the quality of our mobile usage”

Dr. Patrick Benon, The Chief Executive Officer, Orange Botswana.

According to Benon, the 4G-TDD technology covers 22 cities, towns, and villages including Greater Gaborone, Greater Francistown, and most big villages in Botswana.

Benon further said that last year Orange Botswana introduced 4G+ technology and increased the number of base stations supporting 4G or 4G+ technology by up to 60%.

“Before the network upgrade we carried out last year, 40% of our base stations were supporting only 2G technology, meaning that they were very limited in terms of data services. All of those base stations have been upgraded to 3G or 4G, except less than 2% of them and their upgrade is still ongoing, we will keep expanding this technology to other villages throughout the country.”

Dr. Patrick Benon, The Chief Executive Officer, Orange Botswana.

Orange Botswana has also launched Konnecta Max that offers Unlimited Prepaid Max which gives the customers access to the internet with specific no contractual commitment. Konnecta Max will also be available to post-paid customers and business customers as they will be able to upgrade their existing Konnecta to get more speed at no extra charge.

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