Communications Authority of Kenya Reviews Local Programming Guidelines

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced some changes in the children and local content programming guidelines by conducting a review.

The CA says that this is in recognition of the changing nature of broadcasting models. With a departure from the Unified Programming Code, where both free-to-air and pay television providers were required to meet the same requirements, the new guidelines are ‘service-specific, applicable only to licensees offering the service in question, for example, News, or premium content.’

The announcement was made during the fourth annual broadcasters KUZA Awards by ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru. 

The CS said that “the review is in line with the Government’s policy objective of facilitating the development of a responsive and responsible local broadcasting industry.”

The ICT sector law mandates the CA to prescribe a Programming Code that sets the standards for the time and manner of programs to be broadcast by licensees. The current Code was developed in 2015 and came to force in 2016.

The review is part of the Authority’s commitment that there should be a review of the programming code every two years.

“We are in the process of finalizing the review of guidelines in key areas like Children’s Programming, Local Content, and Niche Programming. These revised guidelines seek to seal any existing gaps and bring clarity in the broadcasting content standards.”

Innovation and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru

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