Tigo Pesa and Visa partner for real-time access to funds across Tigo Pesa and Visa Direct

9 million Tigo Pesa customers now able to move funds quickly and securely from their Visa card to their Tigo Pesa wallets using Visa Direct capabilities.

Tanzania’s leading digital lifestyle company, Tigo has today announced a partnership with Visa Inc. that will extend real-time access to funds for consumers from their bank account to Tigo Pesa wallets, leveraging Visa Direct, for payment capabilities that  enable fast domestic and cross-border digital payments. 

Powered by Tigo’s partner Business Connexion Tanzania Ltd (BCX), this service enables over 9 million customers to use the Mobile Financial Service, Tigo Pesa to transfer money from their Visa Bank Accounts to their Tigo Pesa mobile money wallets quickly and securely.

Tigo customers can now link their Visa card using their smartphones on Tigo Pesa APP or via Tigo Pesa USSD menu *150*01#, Once the card is linked, the card information is safely and securely stored. For subsequent transactions, customers will be able to move funds instantly, within the Tigo Pesa APP or Tigo Pesa menu *150*01#, from their linked Visa card(s) directly into Tigo Pesa wallets.

“This gives our customers the added convenience that enables them to move money quickly from Bank to wallet, promoting cashless transactions by reducing the need to either go to the ATM and withdraw funds to reload their Tigo Pesa Wallets or using separate APPs or services to move money. This now can be done directly within the Tigo Pesa system products through either App or USSD and enjoy our transformational digital lifestyle services through Tanzania’s biggest and fastest 4G network, Another, 1st  in Tanzania and 1st from Tigo Pesa.”

Tigo’s Chief Officer for Mobile Financial Services, Angelica Pesha

This partnership further cements our position as a provider of choice for mobile financial services in Tanzania and we believe this venture will increase our customers’ trust, the number of transactions and open more partnerships in future. ‘Tigo is at the helm of digital lifestyle transformation, with Tigo Pesa leading the innovation in mobile financial services by being the first mobile money wallet in Tanzania to enable Visa Card fund transfer to Wallet. This proves that Tigo Pesa is a fully-fledged mobile financial service offering customers more and better digital payment solutions,’ Pesha added.

“Whether sending money to a family member in another country or obtaining same-day access to funds, fast and secure digital payments have become an essential part of how the world pays and gets paid especially now, in the wake of COVID-19.  Our collaboration seamlessly combines Visa’s global network and Tigo’s mobile money network to empower Tigo customers  to benefit from the convenience, security and reliability of the Visa brand that is enjoyed by over 3 billion customers worldwide.”

Corine Mbiaketcha, Visa’s Vice President and General Manager for East Africa

While the global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the shift to digital, we see this move to digital as a long-term change that will outlast the pandemic.  In Tanzania, we are seeing more people preferring to pay digitally for goods and services, Tigo has now empowered them to seamlessly fund their Tigo Pesa wallet and enjoy their digital lifestyle through Tigo Pesa.

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